Calypso's T Litter - 'Treasures'

Dam:CH Calypso’s Queen Penelope of Ithaca (Piper)

Sire: CH Cornerstone’s Sun Rise Over Humbolt Peak, RN  (Cristo)

Whelped: February 28, 2021

3 Girls & 7 Boys

Calypso's S Litter - 'Snacks'

Dam:CH Rocky Mountain Fern (Fern)

Sire:GCH Fairwinds Calypso's Sam Eagle (Ronin)

Whelped: November 4, 2020

Fern and Ronin are the proud parents of 10 pups.

There are 7 boys and 3 girls. Mom and babies are doing great!

Calypso's R Litter - 'Rivers'

Dam:GCH Calypso's Lady Guenevere (Guen)

Sire: GCHG CH Calypso' Flash Ranger's Conundrum (Ranger)

Whelped: June 5, 2020

Calypso's Q Litter - 'Queen Songs'

Dam:CH Rivendell's Baby Blue at Calypso (Sky)

Sire:GCHG CH Calypso' Flash Ranger's Conundrum (Ranger) 

Whelped: July 11, 2019


Calypso's P Litter - 'Pirates'

Dam: Calypso Fair Winds Wishbone Rigged Ketch (Riggi)

 Sire: CH Snowy Mountains Judge of Jura (Judge)

Whelped: February 25, 2019

Calypso's O Litter - 'Odyssey'

Dam:  Calypso Fair Winds Wishbone Rigged Ketch (Riggi)

Sire:   :CH Tree 'n Sea Kings Heavy Hitter at Calypso (Slugger)

Whelped: May 29, 2018


Calypso's N Litter - 'National Parks'

Dam: CH Artic Dream from Swiss Star (Tundra)

Sire: GCHG CH Calypso' Flash Ranger's Conundrum (Ranger) 

Whelped: May 20, 2018

Calypso's M Litter - 'Muppets'

Dam: CH Calypso's Faiiwinds & Following Seas (Tiller)

Sire: CH Tree 'n Sea Kings Heavy Hitter at Calypso (Slugger)

Whelped: August 24, 2017

Calypso's L Litter - 'Lion King'

Dam: Calypso Fair Winds Wishbone Rigged Ketch (Riggi)

Sire: CH Cornerstone's Just Brewed Up Trouble (Porter)

Whelped: January 27, 2017

Calypso's K Litter - 'Kegs and Brews'

Dam: BGCH Calypso Heath's Miss McGillicuddy (Lucy)

Sire: GCH Remington's Pride First Night (Leonidas)

Whelped: June 29, 2016

Calypso's J Litter - 'Jelly Bellies'

Dam: CH Calypso's Skipper Zipp's Clipper Ship (Sailor)

Sire: CH Cedarcove's Senntinel (Roman)

Whelped: June 7, 2016

Calypso's I Litter - 'Ice Cream'

Dam: CedarCove's Lunar Eclipse at Calypso (Luna)

Sire: CH Calypso's Dinwoodie Fudnuddler (Woody)

Whelped: January 11, 2016

Red Girl - Bear Creek Calypso Midnight Elllie--Ellie
Green Boy - Bear Creek Calypso Bon Bons Jovi - Bishop
Yellow Girl - Bear Creek Calypso Ooey Gooey Buttercup - JoJo
Black Boy-Bear Creek Calypso Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz-Bean
Pink Girl - Bear Creek Calypso Fudnuddler's Fluffernutter - Sundae
Blue Boy - Bear Creek Calypso Chunky Monkey--Ozzy
Brown Boy - Bear Creek Calypso Beauregard Bourbon - Beauregard


Calypso's H Litter - 'Harry Potter'

Dam: CedarCove's Lunar Eclipse at Calypso (Luna)

Sire: GCH Wildest Dream Enchanted Sojourner (King)

Whelped: June 3, 2015

Green Boy - Calypso BearCreek's Call of the Moon - Remus
Blue Boy - Calypso Bear Creek Dobby - Riot
Red Girl - Calypso Bear Creek Bellatrix - Trixie
Purple Girl - Calypso Bear Creek Seeker - Bailey
Brown Boy - Calypso Bear Creek Sirius Black - Elvis
Black Boy - Calypso Bear Creek Fang - Bear

Calypso's G Litter - 'Great Blue Sea'

Dam: CH Calypso Skipper Zipp's Clipper Ship (Sailor)

Sire: GCH Cornerstone's Extreme Heat (Flash)

Whelped: October 31, 2014

Red Girl - Calypso's Fair Winds & Following Seas - Tiller (Tillie)
Pink Girl - Calypso Fair Winds Compass Rose - Gemma
Purple Girl - Calypso Fair Winds Wishbone Rigged Ketch - Riggi
Green Boy - Calypso Fair Winds Shark Bait Oo-Ha-Ha - Bentley
Blue Boy - Calypso Fair Winds True North - Rigby

Calypso's F Litter - 'Fourteeners'

Dam: GCH Calypso Heath's Miss McGillicuddy (Lucy) 

Sire: GCH Cornerstone's Extreme Heat (Flash)

Whelped: June 26, 2014 

Blue Boy - Calypso's Quandary Peak - Dozer
Red Boy - Calypso Flash Ranger's Conundrum - Ranger
White Girl - Calypso's Blanca Peak - Nana
Green Boy - Calypso's Mount Massive- Major
Olive Boy - Calypso's Mount Bierstadt - Barley
Teal Girl - Calypso V Cornerstone Jewel of Sunshine Peak- Jada
Purple Boy - Calypso's Pyramid Peak - Zombie
Yellow Girl - Calypso's Mount Evans- Riley
Pink Girl - Calypso Pine Grove's Little Bear- Ursa
Brown Boy - Calypso V EagleHill's Asgardian Challenger - Thor

Calypso's E Litter - 'Eighties Songs'

Dam: CH Calypso Scrabble's Phoenix (Sophie)

Sire: GCH Cornerstone's Extreme Heat (Flash)

Whelped: August 11, 2013

Red Girl - Calypso's Addicted to Love - Addie

Green Boy - Calypso Flash's Thriller- Sampson

Pink Girl - Calypso's Kiss - Bella

Blue Boy-Calypso Flash's Wild Thing - Talos

Purple Girl - Calypso Flash's Run to the Hills - Saison

Calypso's D Litter - 'Dr. Seuss'

Dam: CH Calypsokai's Avanti et Kellnor (Avanti)

Sire: CH CedarCove's Truly Heath (Heath)

Whelped: March 11, 2012

Green Boy - Calyupso's Brutus - Ruckus
Purple Girl - Calypso Heath's Miss McGillicuddy - Lucy
Blue Boy - Carlypso's Brown Bar-ba-loots - Winston
Pink Girl - Calypso's Lady Arabella - Gemma
Teal Girl - Calypso's Cindy Lou Who - Lou
Brown Boy - Calypso's Dinwoodie Fuddnuddler - Woody
Yellow Girl - Calypso's TBA - Tigua
Red Girl - Calypso Skipper Zipp's Clipper Ship - Sailor

Calypso's C Litter - 'Constellations'

Dam: CH Calypsokai's Avanti Et Kellnor (Avanti)

Sire: CH CedarCove's Double Word Score (Scrabble)

Whelped: March 12, 2011

Green boy - Calypso's Drako - Walter
Yellow girl - Calypso's Andromeda - Maisie
Lavender girl - Calypso Scrabble's Mensa - Mensa
Red girl - Calypso Scrabble's Phoenix - Sophie
Blue boy - Calypso Scrabble's Our Hero Perseus - Dexter
Olive boy - Calypso Scrabble's Indus - Apache
White girl - Calypso's Cassiopeia - Basil

Calypso's B Litter - 'Bands'

Dam: CH Calypso Gusgal V Maxamillion (Maxie)

Sire: CH THN'S Dreammaker (Alex)

Whelped: March 29, 2008 

GCH Calypso Alex Naughty by Nature
GCH Calypso V Alex Raven Moon
Calypso's Mountain
Calypso's Steppenwolf
Calypso's Blue Oyster Cult
Calypso's Crosby Stills & Nash
Calypso's Rebirth Brass Band
Calypso's Superchic(K)

Calypso's A Litter - 'American Automobiles'

Dam: CH Calypso Gusgal v Maxamillion (Maxie)

Sire: CH Cordillera's Future Legend (Kai)

Whelped: January 30, 2007 

CH Calypsokai Dumervil's Conquest
CH Calypso Kai's UB Vibe N Kronk
CH Calypsokai's Avanti Et Kellnor
CH Calypsokai Belair V Maxamillion
Calypso Stacey's Riviera
Calypso's Commander Cosmo
Calypso Denali Davos
Calypso Niko Navigator

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us and fill out a puppy application We want to

get to know our prospective homes so that we can find the perfect fit for all of our puppies.

We appreciate the inquiries we receive from interested puppy buyers.  Because of the demand for Swissy puppies,  it is very important to begin the process of developing a relationship with a breeder as early as possible.

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